Physical therapy

Patients referred to physical therapy may be
delayed due to an illness, congenital diagnosis,
accident or developmental delay.
Our physical therapist help children maximize
functional independence. Some children may work on developmental skills such as
rolling, sitting, crawling and walking so they can better access their environment. Other
children may work on range of motion and/or strength to return to a previous level of
functioning after an injury or accident. Physical therapy can be addressed through the
use of various toys, therapy balls, swings, and other equipment. Those who have limited
use or control of their muscles will receive therapy by working on alignment through
specialized stretching techniques.

Physical therapists address the following skills:
  • strength and range of motion
  • balance
  • coordination
  • gait
  • muscle stretching and strengthening
Gross motor skills can be addressed
through fun activities such as slides,
stairs and tunnels.
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