Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists help children who
have difficulty with grasping, coloring and writing.
Activities of daily living are addressed as well
such as feeding, dressing, bathing and self-care.
Sensory integration is also addressed for children
who present with difficulties touching various textures such as sandy or slimy, eating
various textures such as creamy or crunch or controlling emotions in stimulating

Our occupational therapists address some of the following skills:
  • facilitate normal development of fine, gross and sensory motor skills
  • maximize independence in activities for daily living
  • improve and develop coordination
  • develop and improve handwriting, playing and socializing
  • improve joint range of motion
  • motor planning
  • balance
  • increase attention
  • visual perception
Feeding therapy can be addressed through
play therapy to make the child feel more
comfortable and willing to participate.
Strength and coordination can be
a challenge for some but
improvements can be seen
through specific exercises and
Astronaut Board work
Snack time with chop sticks to
build up fine motor skills
beam fun
Rice box for sensory,
fine motor and fun!
Working on low tone by rolling
resistant thera-putty
Rock wall fun
Click here for video
Click here for video
Dressing skills
Fine Motor fun with clothespins
Using Visual-perceptual
skills to build and create
Body Sock
Painting with our feet!